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September 27, 2006

bionic leg

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seeing as i’m in a cast due to severed ligaments, the other day i was pondering ways to make some sort of bionic/mechanical leg work intelligently…

now, the way i thought about it, most of the things we do with our legs tend to occur in a fairly symmetrical manner, e.g. when walking waht one leg does tends to be a mirror image of what the other is doing, one leg then the other… so, i figured, if you get a computer to process what one leg, the ‘good one’ is doing, you can put the mechanical one on some delay loop to mimic the biological leg…

i thought it was a pretty smart idea, hehe, and one that would be realtively natural … however, as these things usually go, a couple hours later whatever news channel we were watching showed the story of a former soldier who had a leg amputated in iraq or afghanistan who had a bionic leg that did precisely that… lol

he wears an ankle bracelet of sorts that sends the data to the other mech-leg, and therefore can live relatively naturally…

anyhow, i cant find the story itself, but i think this is what they were talking about: Ossus Power Knee

edit: even if this wasnt the outlet i saw it in, pretty sure this was the story 


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