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September 27, 2006

portable full frame 35mm film cameras

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this post serves as a repository of compact cameras i’m gathering info on… it will be updated as i find more…

ricoh GR1 ricoh gr1


Olympus XA – own one, havent really used it though… the rangefinder sucks too much to be used for anything serious, although it does have a pretty fast f/2.8 lens… size is great though, quite pocketable

oly xa

fujifilm natura – dinoadventures recently linked me to this, sounds pretty awesome, 24mm f/1.9 – have yet to find more out about it…
fuji natura

p.s. gilmore girls makes me want to die


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  1. A trick that I use on my XA is to cut a little square of gaffers tape that is the same size as the little range finder window and then place it in the center of the viewfinder window. This will black out the ‘overlap’ in the viewfinder while still keeping the second image. Focus is the same but it feels *much* brighter.

    Comment by ben hengst — October 29, 2008 @ 3:09 am

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