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October 12, 2006

the future is now

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September 27, 2006

voigtlander 35mm f/1.2 nokton

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this lens looks amazing, please contact me if youve ever used one because it sounds too good to be true… it would certainly complement my 50 nocti nicely… now, if only someone would put out an m-mount digital rangefinder that didnt cost 5000 dollars, and didnt suck ass like the epson rd-1 does (or so i hear), i would be a happy puppy35 voigtlander nokton

for sale here, $819, tempting… ill be scouring ebay for a cheaper one…

nyc ban of trans fats

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lets do it!

but lets do it intelligently, why doesnt the state government provide tax cuts to restaurants that do away with trans fats? everyone knows economic incentives work better than bans…

while we’re at it, why dont we do the same to foster healthier fast-food alternatives– tax cuts make for more competitive prices, which makes healthy restaurants more attractive to consumers, which makes american healthier, which saves the government money in the long term…

bionic leg

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seeing as i’m in a cast due to severed ligaments, the other day i was pondering ways to make some sort of bionic/mechanical leg work intelligently…

now, the way i thought about it, most of the things we do with our legs tend to occur in a fairly symmetrical manner, e.g. when walking waht one leg does tends to be a mirror image of what the other is doing, one leg then the other… so, i figured, if you get a computer to process what one leg, the ‘good one’ is doing, you can put the mechanical one on some delay loop to mimic the biological leg…

i thought it was a pretty smart idea, hehe, and one that would be realtively natural … however, as these things usually go, a couple hours later whatever news channel we were watching showed the story of a former soldier who had a leg amputated in iraq or afghanistan who had a bionic leg that did precisely that… lol

he wears an ankle bracelet of sorts that sends the data to the other mech-leg, and therefore can live relatively naturally…

anyhow, i cant find the story itself, but i think this is what they were talking about: Ossus Power Knee

edit: even if this wasnt the outlet i saw it in, pretty sure this was the story 

portable full frame 35mm film cameras

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this post serves as a repository of compact cameras i’m gathering info on… it will be updated as i find more…

ricoh GR1 ricoh gr1


Olympus XA – own one, havent really used it though… the rangefinder sucks too much to be used for anything serious, although it does have a pretty fast f/2.8 lens… size is great though, quite pocketable

oly xa

fujifilm natura – dinoadventures recently linked me to this, sounds pretty awesome, 24mm f/1.9 – have yet to find more out about it…
fuji natura

p.s. gilmore girls makes me want to die

September 26, 2006

Digital Canonet

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The other day enforcer and i were throwing around the idea of a digital canonet– essentially a digital mini-rangefinder that would allow for super-discrete street shooting… basically an even smaller leica… there are certain things like this on the market both in film and digital formats, but all seem to be plagued by certain imperfections that make it a no go… take the canonet for example, known as the ql-17 (and variants), super compact package, pretty fast and handy 40mm f/1.7 lens, and full size 35mm frame… [ ]


trouble is, the rangefinder absolutely sucks, its super dim, terrible to focus, at least in all the ones ive played with… nothing compared to my m7– a deal breaker

then, there have been the digital models, like the ricoh grd [ ] which while seemingly very promising, failed to deliver given the crappiness of the sensor…

ricoh grd

— Along comes the Sigma DP1 [〈=1&parent=14&idca ]sigma dp1

generally their stuff isnt too incredibly exciting camera-wise, at least to me anyways, because their slrs have the proprietary sigma mount, and seeing as i have an extensive investment in canon glass, that in and of itself makes me discount them as viable cameras.

however, the dp1 is a compact camera, not an slr, nixing the above problem.

even cooler though, is that rather than having the tiny sized piece of crap sensors we’re used to seeing in point and shoots, sigma took the bold step of building a compact camera around the same sensor they put in their to-be released DSLR, the sd-14!

pretty cool, perhaps this camera will do the trick, because the sigma foveon sensor will indubitably kick the ass of any point and shoot it comes across, and perhaps even be comparable to my 20d.


All i want in a compact camera is this cameramakers, make me one and ill buy ten:

-1.6x or even full frame sensor, that delivers excellent high iso capabilities, ill take 6 mpixels, 8ish preferably

-fast lens, maybe something like 28, 35, or 50mm focal length in 35mm equivalent

-aperture priority, as thats what i shoot in most of the time

-compact size, and a decent, bright viewfinder, and thats it! I’ll be perfectly happy with manual focus, and prefer physical buttons to digital menus.

gimme that and ill carry it with me everywhere and be merry

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